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Every year public companies and other institutions, must disclose corporate information to their shareholders in the form of an annual report. If someone is going to invest in your company, one of the first documents they look at is your annual report. It is important to convey to the reader details of the prior year’s successes and disappointments, and give insights into management’s goals and strategies for the future. For many companies, the annual report is the only corporate literature sent to both financial institutions and shareholders so it is often used to convey a

strong message.


Income statements, financial position, cash flow, and corresponding notes must all be included. This is completed in order to provide transparency to all shareholders. While this information is necessary to share, the way in which it is presented could be extremely plain and boring. At times, and with certain companies, there is less room to be design-centric, but it’s important to keep in mind that the manner in which your information is presented can establish an appealing or unappealing brand to the average outsider looking at your annual report.


At Amaniac Design, we can help present your information in a way that is consistent with your brand from design and layout to well written copy, capturing the essence of your corporate message. In collaboration with your team, Amaniac will create an informative, attractive, and well designed annual report.

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