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Contrary to popular belief, print marketing is still relevant. Improving your branding, brand visibility, creating engagement, attracting market segments, and creating niche audiences, should all be at top of mind when advertising your new product or service. Banners are a great way to get your brand noticed by your potential clients when they are on the go. They should be the ideal size and legibility for the public to read and remember. Studies show that campaigns that include elements of print collateral do better than ones that don’t have an element of touch.

About 79% of consumers take action when they have come in contact with a  printed form of advertising, while less than 50% take action when they receive an email.

At Amaniac Design, we are connected with affordable and quality printers that produce great products with a quick turnaround. Banners are a beneficial advertising tool because they can be used time and time again, or cost-efficient enough to produce and make a one-time event extra special. Choose from a range of materials from vinyl, plastic, and nylon, as well as frame types and various hardware options for both indoor and outdoor use.


From concept to design, through printing, we will create a simple, yet appealing banner that will attract your customers and remain in line with your brand elements. Let’s face it, there are plenty of online vendors where you can upload your logo and choose from an array of templates. However, if you are looking for a banner that is in line with your unique brand image, has a message with staying power, or extra marketing elements to increase your advertising ROI, look no further than Amaniac!

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