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Nowadays people are more interested than ever in how a company is involved, not only in their industry but in their community as well. It is important for people to know that your business is not solely driven by finances, but by its consumers and their needs and desires.

Over half of marketers report blogging as their top form of

inbound marketing.

Blogging allows you to create an association in the minds of your future consumers before the thought of purchasing your product/service has even materialized as a possibility. Blogging is a key component to your business’ efforts in going the extra mile to connect with your audience. Informing people via social media about your business is a great start to a good strategy, but regularly posting creative and engaging content via a blog is something that will brew even more engagement, reach, and traffic more frequently. In turn, as people comment and share on your topics/articles that they find appealing, you essentially get free advertising.


At Amaniac Design, we can help you with starting or re-vamping your blog. If you’ve never had one, have no fear! We will familiarize ourselves with what connects to your target audience, what sticks, and what does not, and spread out content based on our analyses. We will we incorporate words that will boost your search engine optimization (SEO) and generate more clicks/conversions on your site or landing pages. We’ll also properly tag, link, and implement influencer marketing across the platforms where your blog appears, so that it is more likely for your content to reach the right eyes. Have a blog, but feel you’ve reached a content dry-spell? We have experience in taking existing blogs that have been put on the back-burner and giving them a fresh new feel. Once we establish a voice for your organization, the sky is the limit with which we are able to engage your audience and influence your ROI via blogs!


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