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Looking to kick-start your brand? Amaniac’s Brand Ambassador service is the perfect way to take a new approach to your brand presence. Whether you're a small business looking for a brand partner, or a medium-size company with internal marketing looking for an outside perspective and execution support, we are ready to be your advocate! Let’s dive into your brand, develop strategy, analyze the field, and build a presence over time. Sure, we can create some kick@*$ graphics for your brand, an engaging website, or google ads that drive traffic, but if you want real results, real presence… we’ll be honest, that takes time, commitment, and knowing your brand – that’s why we’ve created our brand ambassador service. The below packages outline an example of what we can do for you, but are fully customizable to fit your brand needs.


Looking for an out-of-the-box perspective, to spice up a seasonal campaign, or make a major shift in products or service, “brand storm it” in a virtual meeting with Amaniac. Get a jump start on the launch and ahead of the competition. Meeting recap is included, plus time to develop the plan. Execution services are available upon request.




Give your brand the initial exposure it needs to start generating fresh leads. We’ll start with a brand storm session, develop a plan, execute on it with content*, boosts, and remarketing, follow up with metrics, and plan adjustments content as needed. Examples of content: social media, search marketing, website updates, and collateral design.




Lay a foundation for a continual stream of lead generation, brand continuity and presence. In addition to the brand boost package, we will also create customized video and photography content, generate more ideas with a second brand storm session, reach across more forms of media at the same time, setup search ads*** and remarketing.

Trade Show Booths

*content media and quantity vary depending on client needs

**budget may vary depending on client needs

***media costs not included

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