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Color is a major component of the first impression that people have of your brand. It sets up the feelings and mood that are attached to your brand, can contribute or take away from the look and feel, and ultimately, establishes your brand in the subconsciousness of your consumers. Whether your brand collateral is in print or digital form, your colors are crucial to the experience consumers have with your brand and must be consistent across the board.

The average person makes a judgment about a product within 90 seconds of first encountering it and more than 2/3 of that is based on color!

Your colors should be in line with your core values as a brand. Brands and colors go hand in hand. At Amaniac Design, we will test out different color palettes until you are satisfied, conduct in-depth research on your brand and competition, and establish a color scheme that will make you stand out, yet spark positive associations in the minds of your customers. We also work closely with our printers and promotional item vendors to ensure that your collateral is produced in the right color so that cohesiveness is established from the get-go.

Color Palette
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