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When it comes to e-commerce, Amaniac Design can help you with all aspects of selling your products online. From choosing a platform that will work best for your business and audience to setting up your products online, e-commerce sites make it easier for your current and potential customers to renew their favorite products that you sell or to browse other offerings that may be relevant and of interest to them. Along with setting up each product with color options, model options, size options if applicable, pricing, and description, we will make sure to lay out the information in a way that makes it more simple to interpret.


Amaniac Design will also be sure to analyze your sales trends and patterns on our analytics software so that we can implement and track tags properly, thoroughly observing your audience’s behavior on a schedule. This will allow us to cater to upcoming trends and patterns so that we can better evaluate your strategy.

Global retail e-commerce is expected to reach $4.5 trillion by 2021 so it is important to have an online presence when it comes to your products and services.

Amaniac will chose the best e-commerce platform for your needs, complete with mobile-responsive layouts. There are several different platforms to chose from with various feature-rich solutions from social media integration to transaction fee options and hosting, to name a few.

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