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Newsletters are an important part of a comprehensive marketing strategy. Not only are they essential tactics for staying in contact with your audience, but they inform your audience about what you have been up to and make them feel they are in the loop with the happenings of your business. If you attended an event that may appeal to your influencers and/or stakeholders, share it with them. A newsletter is the perfect opportunity to brief your audience periodically and recap them about recent updates and topics they would relate to or that affect them.


At Amaniac Design, we will design the most appropriate layout for your news to get across, as well as implement proper SEO practices so that your content is searchable and connected among various platforms, including social media. We will make sure your content is being distributed on a schedule and incorporate forward-thinking strategies to maintain the interest of your audience and keep them alert of upcoming events, announcements, or promotions. If your partners have done something awesome in your industry, use your newsletter as a chance to share it! Newsletters also drive sales. We’ll make sure your social media platforms are all connected to the content of your newsletter as well to maximize your following and reach your audience on all levels.

Over 80% of consumers open email newsletters from the companies they follow.

Our newsletter strategy has allowed us to significantly increase traffic to our clients’ websites and overall, increase engagement. If you have always wanted to start a newsletter or have one that has been abandoned due to lack of time, Amaniac Design can help you get back up again and maximize your potential reach!

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