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Email marketing is an important aspect of most marketing strategies, but can be challenging if you work for a small business. The budget for a small business is usually smaller and therefore, can be trickier to maneuver. At Amaniac Design, we are efficient in strategizing and putting into practice your email campaigns. We will work closely with you to come up with a plan regarding the content you would like covered into the future, and organize your contacts in the best way possible so that segmentation leads to engagement and conversion optimization.


Need certain messages tailored to certain groups? We will ensure that the right people are receiving messages tailored to their needs and schedule everything according to your peak seasons or when it makes the most sense for your audiences. We will familiarize ourselves with your brand to write you engaging copy and gain you a larger audience following, as well as incorporate unique corporate photography and videos if it fits the theme of your campaign. Then, Amaniac will take it one step further and share the content across your social media platforms and link to your blog if applicable, to increase online search-ability with keywords and cross-linking.


When it comes to layout, Amaniac Design knows what works best in connecting with the recipient of your email due to vast experience with email marketing. We’ll put your information together in the most appropriate way so that your email recipients get the most out of your content and information you want to highlight. Amaniac will properly link information and products to lead consumers to the right areas on your website and layout your products accordingly to maximize ROI and conversions.

According to a study, email will be used by 3 billion people by 2020, meaning it is still very much an actively used channel to target your customers (in fact, over 75% of consumers prefer it).

With approximately 205 billion emails being sent each day, Amaniac will make sure yours don’t get lost in the mix with our touch of personalization. After all, personalized emails have 6x higher transaction rates than the average email!

Email Campaigns
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