Capturing the moments of an event are just as important as the event itself. Whether the photos are for a personal event, or a corporate event, rest assured that Amaniac Design ensures quality. Our combined technical expertise, marketing insight, attention to detail, and unwavering commitment to meet the needs of our clients make our event services unique.

When an image is paired with information, on average, people retain over 60% of the information days after seeing it.

Consumers use images to weigh the value of an upcoming event before they even register for it. It is the only tangible way they can relate to an event they’ve never attended. If the photos are boring and incorporate no dynamics, less people will be interested in attending your event. Amaniac’s combined use of creative angles, the proper lighting, and a firm understanding of what the photos and footage we take will be used for after the event, allow us to make sure we take a variety of shots that would be appropriate for different uses on different platforms. Before your event, we’ll map out a shot list and note important company stakeholders, so that we make sure to get you all the photos and footage needed for post event marketing.


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