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If your company thrives on seasonal peaks for example, during the holidays or during the summer, then it is an obvious statement that you need to market your product or services extra heavily right before these times of the year, and this includes integrating event promotions. Trade shows and events are the second most effective tactic in a marketing plan after a company’s website. If you are not attending trade shows or hosting your own events, especially during times that are crucial for your business, you’re missing out on lots of business opportunities and potential ROI.


People value face-to-face interaction and a tangible experience. Getting to meet you or your staff, or sample your product or service during an event creates a connection and draws on emotions the next time that a consumer comes in contact with your brand.

Over 85% of consumers purchase a product after they have had an encounter with it at an event.

Amaniac Design implements strategies that have continued to be successful for our clients. We integrate our marketing knowledge across multiple platforms to create ads and generate appealing content during the times your audience will be most receptive. Our target audience research and segmentation, combined with our knowledge base and accessibility to analytics platforms such as Google AdWords and Google Analytics, allow us to incorporate a multi-channel approach to generating buzz about your next event. If you’re overwhelmed around certain seasons, be sure to let us know, and together, we will lay out a calendar to help you plan out every aspect of your event marketing strategy, including email marketing, social media strategy, and a multi-platform approach.

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