Giveaway contests are an excellent way to take your social media strategy to the next level. Running giveaways around seasonal peaks for your company is tremendously beneficial for your engagement rates. Not only will your “likes” and “shares” increase (causing your influencers’ social circles to be made aware of your product/service), but adding another element to your social posts by offering something free, in return for more engagement is a smart tactic to improving brand awareness and customer satisfaction. Not to mention, as reported by YouTube, Internet video traffic increases by 100% every year. Why not connect with your audience on the channel they utilize most? Your brand loyalists and thought leaders, are essentially, your influencers, and if they’re happy, chances are, you will be too. At Amaniac Design, we will determine the best times for you to run a giveaway to balance those peaks and valleys your business may experience when it’s not necessarily a “hot” time for your brand.

Giveaways across several channels can boost your promotion’s performance with over 30% of an increase in new followers acquired after one campaign! We can help you increase your conversions and spend your advertising dollars wisely.


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