Headshots have been called “the new corporate handshake”. Whether you’re an actor, a doctor, a business person, or anyone who works for a professional company, you should have them. Extra points if your whole team has them by the same photographer, seamlessly displayed on your site! This expresses professionalism in an organized manner.

Not only do headshots display recency, but they integrate a more personal approach when it comes to getting to know your business.

Looking for headshots to set up your professional profile? A study showed that LinkedIn profiles with photos receive a 40% higher inMail response rate than those without. First impressions mean everything! Additionally, there is a fine line between editing a photo just enough and too much. Re-touching a photo for a small blemish is one thing, but it is important to keep in mind that the subject should still look like themselves in the end.


At Amaniac Design, we offer corporate packages to fit your specific needs. If your company or team needs photos and/or headshots, we’ve got you covered with a range from traditional to creative photography concepts, and everything in between. Whether you need photos outdoor, indoor, in office environments, or studio photography, we cater to your individual needs. We are lighting experts, angle experts, framing experts, and background experts. We are experienced in providing the right balance of all these elements to make for a good photo. When it comes to lighting, we not only have the proper equipment, but know how to use it. Time of day, indoors vs. outdoors, colors used, etc., all require different combinations of the “right” lighting. We understand the impact good lighting can have on a photo, especially in accenting certain desired contours and masking certain blemishes. Most importantly, we make the subject feel comfortable (let’s face it, it can be a little awkward to have someone take 45 different pictures of your face!). We provoke genuine emotion, which is key to a good photo, and during post-production, we edit photos just enough so that it is a clean, natural depiction of the real subject!