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Market research is a vital component to any marketing plan. If you are not familiar with what your competitors are doing, then you could be missing out on opportunities that can put you ahead of the game. It is important to distinguish that marketing research is not market research. Although marketing research is a service Amaniac Design offers, our market research is what sets up our campaigns for success due to the in-depth analysis we provide. We’ll collect research and data about your target audience so that your next marketing objectives are clear, in order to better drive your strategy to the right places and the right people via the right channels.

Nearly 50% of businesses do not have a clearly defined

marketing strategy.

At Amaniac we dive into your audience demographics, psychographics, and behavioral patterns to better fuel your communication tactics, content, and create opportunities more quickly for your business that you may not have noticed without in-depth research. Whether surveying consumers, interviewing them, or conducting focus groups, our market research will always begin with qualitative research first to get to know the market, and then quantitative research to provide and support our findings with data. We will set up your objectives and marketing plan around what you do best, stay away from areas you struggle with, keep an eye out for threats in the marketplace, and always look for new opportunities to improve your brand positioning. Stay on top of your audience and build brand loyalty by addressing your consumers’ needs with our professional assistance.

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