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At Amaniac Design, we understand the importance of ad placement. There are more platforms available than ever, which means more opportunities for your ad to be seen and for more people to become aware of your brand. Our vast network in the industry of media placement, makes us a good choice to help you with your media planning and buying next steps. Not only are we well-connected, but we will select the optimal media platforms for your business based on target audience research and your marketing objectives.


Almost half of businesses don’t have a clear digital marketing strategy and about 39% of marketers don’t think their strategy is effective.


Based on thorough research and analysis, we’ll determine where and how often your ad should be placed, ultimately aiding you in reaching the right people with the right message, and most importantly, at the right time.


In working with you, we’ll develop a media plan including business and sales objectives, strategies for the upcoming year, and in-depth industry research. We’ll keep your budget at top of mind and come up with the most appropriate media mix for your brand, then evaluate how it’s performing, and make appropriate adjustments as necessary.

Did you know that 75% of people who consider local search results helpful are more likely to visit the actual store?

At Amaniac, we will optimize the platforms where these search results lead to, so that your audience has a higher probability of making a purchase.

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