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Microsites are smaller scale websites or landing pages with independent links from your main website. They give your brand or business the opportunity to have a website and an online presence without all of the details that go into a more complex website. At Amaniac Design, we can maximize your online marketing strategy by creating a microsite if you do not have an online presence at all, or in addition to a website you already have. We will be sure to cross-link to your main brand’s website and any other related sites that are related to yours or that you desire for your audience to see. Although not always an ideal option for increasing your online search ability (SEO), microsites do have their place in some SEO strategies.


Microsites are a great option for seasonal campaign, specials, or to highlight a specific set of services, either within a subdomain or a separate URL. Amaniac will use best practices for promoting your campaign, integrating tags to track your audience, and generating content to engage your audience. We will also look at brand positioning, and determine whether an alternate direction will benefit the overall brand.

Numerous campaigns that have launched micro-sites as the basis of their website traffic have observed their user engagement increase 2-3x.

If it fits into your strategy, it may be a good opportunity for your business to explore!

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