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From the research phase to conceptualization, and the final selection of a name and tagline, Amaniac Design is thorough in making sure that the foundation of your brand is solid. By doing a trademark search during the research phase of the project, we can avoid surprises down the line and provide a more complete set of options. URL availability is also a key element in the naming process.

Over 50% of consumers follow at least one brand online.

A name should communicate what you do in a unique way, and if not, it should be something personal. Brand image and perception is key in differentiating your business. At Amaniac Design, we’ll get to know you and we’ll make it easier for others to want to get to know you too!


Does your company have a slogan or tagline? These days more than ever, it is imperative that you have something extra to identify you in the vast marketplace of your industry. A creative name is important, but having a tagline sets you apart. It fills gaps of information in the mind of the consumer and gives them an indication of what makes you unique. Your tagline is the glue that holds your brand together and should go hand in hand with your name. Thankfully, at Amaniac Design, we have experience in creating both.

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