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The first impression that a customer has when they are drawn to pick up a product off the store shelf is the way that it looks. Consumers are attracted to appealing packages. Without having ever tried a product, consumers are more likely to buy it if the packaging is attractive, as this is one of the most effective marketing communication tools. At Amaniac Design, our marketing research leads us to effective and strategic decisions when it comes to our designs for product packaging. We know how to make a statement and we work closely with you on getting exactly what you need to not only initially attract your target audience, but maintain their interest.


Packaging is just as important to the online shopping experience as it is to the in-store shopping experience. The marketplace offers a wider variety of similar products in the same virtual marketplace when consumers shop online. This means they have even more options, so it is even more important for your product to look appealing.

Over half of online consumers say they would shop from a business again if it included premium packaging and 40% even claim to be more likely to share a photo of a product on social media if the packaging

is interesting.

Amaniac is experienced in designing top-notch, unique packaging that can be mass-produced if necessary, in a manner that won’t break your bank long-term, due to our network of vendors. We are also experienced in not only creating aesthetically pleasing packaging, but also simple and straight-forward packaging that will not confuse consumers and effectively communicating exactly how the product will solve a problem.

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