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Marketing Tip Monday: Whether you are shooting corporate videos, testimonial videos, giveaway/contest videos, or promotional videos, an important element of videography is b-roll. While b-roll is sometimes undervalued and underutilized, at Amaniac Design, we realize the impact it has on the overall final product. By 2021, over 80% of Internet traffic will be video, which means it is an important aspect of our everyday lives and more importantly, a major communication platform. Take plenty of extra footage of the area you film in, candid activity, and of any elements in your space that you feel impact the main message behind your video. It is important for the audience to feel connected to your business, and adding this b-roll footage gives us plenty to choose from when it comes to selecting footage that conveys your message. This also ensures that you are telling your story in a way that is more authentic and gives people a more realistic grasp of your business. Amaniac Design’s incorporation of supplemental footage makes our videos unique and gives your audience a first-hand look into what your customers feel, genuine expressions of emotion, and how their lives are overall affected by your business.

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