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Consider Your Feedback

Marketing Tip Monday: Have you ever left a review on Yelp? How about having given a star-rating for a business on Google or Facebook? Feedback has allowed businesses to improve for ages. Whether digital or word-of-mouth, the only way to implement desired change is to get the opinion of your target audience! For example, news of bad customer service reaches twice as many ears than does positive feedback. Chances are if people are complaining, some of those complaints will be about the same reasons. You could avoid future negative feedback by nipping the complaint in the bud, right when it is submitted. Take in your customers’ advice (especially if it’s a common concern)! Filter through your messages daily to check for feedback, then make note of how you can improve and thank the customer. Notify customers that you’ve received their feedback, thanking them and letting them you will be implementing it for the future. Don’t be afraid to apologize. Sometimes, a simple “Sorry” or discount/promotional offer will rectify a bad review, and turn a negative into positive! Make it a habit to look through your recent ratings and thank or “like” their rating to show you are on top of your progress! If you need help transforming feedback into improvement and growth, contact Amaniac Design!

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