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Marketing Tip Monday: Do you have an e-commerce site for your business? Seeing that over 60% of consumers actively look for coupons, chances are, your consumers have definitely searched for one to apply to their purchase on your site. Coupons both in direct mail and in email campaigns get utilized! Not only do coupons entice new customers to shop with you over your competitors, but they have the capability of expanding your market area because consumers will travel further for a good deal. Getting rewarded with discounts for subscribing to a newsletter or for making a purchase, seasonal coupons, birthday coupons, promo codes, and general sales are all amazing ways to gain traction from both current and new consumers. Then, once they make a purchase, you’ll be able to target them more directly. If your business needs help in implementing the most appropriate marketing tactics involving promotions at the most appropriate times for your industry, contact Amaniac Design!

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