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Customize Your Images

Marketing Tip Monday: Stock photos can be a great option for ads that have a short shelf life or perhaps require a fast turn-around for production, but should never be the default option for your brand’s visual elements. By resorting to stock photos for your online platforms, your brand loses its personal touch and portrays someone else’s vision and interpretation of a concept or idea. Stock photos are very recognizable and may steer people away from believing that you have real clientele or actual experience. When it comes to social media, it is even more important to try and stay away from stock photography! Not only is it very generic, but it is ineffective in the long-term, especially in a social feed. Hiring a professional photographer may be expensive upfront, but the benefit of having photos you can choose from and disperse in the future to accompany your content outweighs the cost, as it adds the personalized feel your brand needs. There are also many indirect associated costs that come with stock photos beyond the licensing fees. Why settle for a photo that “will do”, instead of investing in the one that is “just right” and promotes your content in the best way possible? Let Amaniac Design help you establish an immediate connection with your audience with the right photos and customized graphics!

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