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Establish Your Brand Identity

Marketing Tip Monday: It is a common misconception that your logo conveys EVERYTHING your audience needs to know about your brand. While it is supposed to represent your business in tone, as well as look-and-feel, it is not the ONLY element that establishes your brand identity. Brand identity is about the entire experience beginning with the moment a stranger comes into contact with your business. The brand’s name, tagline, website, social media pages, and the content generated should all be cohesive. While your logo is a key element in making you stand out from your competition, it is a common fallacy to spend all your advertising dollars and focus on solely this. It essential for all of your brand elements to align so that your brand is clearly identified and what you stand for is transparent. This way, your brand elements as a whole are strong and memorable, and the effect is ten-fold when customers encounter every individual element of your brand. Researchers say 5 to 7 brand impressions are necessary before someone will remember your brand. Make them count! Contact Amaniac Design to establish your brand identity.

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