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Facebook to Increase Engagement

Facebook is the #1 way to reach current, previous, and future customers. Among other tips to be discussed below, according to Florida Realtor Magazine, having a Facebook business page is the most important and beneficial technique for targeting promotions and advertisements/events for your business. Generating content on a schedule is SO important for user engagement. The more content is developed, the more users will expect content to be posted and check for it as part of their social media routine. It is the main drawing factor to your business. If the information you provide is relevant to your audience, then they are likely to engage and expect more of the same type of content. As long as you keep content flowing, engagement/reach will increase.

As far as content goes, people like to be visually stimulated. Use photos and videos to your advantage! A video/photo with a simple call-to-action is valuable and can increase user engagement tremendously.

With that said, its important to keep a content schedule of when and what to post and follow it. It forces your business to be consistent in keeping the information flowing, which will in turn, keep the engagement flowing. Use the Facebook scheduling tool to batch content 5 to 7 days at a time and make sure to schedule posting around times when your audience is most likely to see it. All of these metrics can be analyzed on this tool and it serves as a very insightful way to get to really know your audience.

Fine-tune targeting is a technique that allows you to customize audience lists from “custom audiences”, who are your in your current audience, to “lookalike audiences” who are similar to your current audience in the Ad Create Tool. The “interest targeting” tool is also very useful in reaching people who have similar connections and interests to what you are promoting.

Another convenient and useful tool is the Facebook Manager Pages app for your mobile device. Be alerted every time someone likes your page or posts, comments, follows, or tags you, so you can respond as quickly as possible. Boosting individual posts goes along with this, and its pretty inexpensive to do so! Make sure to tag and link past blogs or relevant content to increase engagement even more. If you mention another company/Facebook page, tag them within your post. Tag your friends too! If you think they may be interested in a post/promotion/event/content, then tag them. The nature of social media allows the sharing to be infinite which also makes your opportunity for reach infinite.

Another simple way to use Facebook to your advantage is by periodically inviting people who have liked your posts to like your page if they have not already. This way, they are automatically updated about your business on their personal news feed whenever you post something. Make sure to incorporate your business’ social media pages/handles within your e-mail signature, as well as on any promotional material printed or digital.

Strategy is key. If you establish a strategy and stick to it, there’s no need to burn a hole through your pocket- you’ll see growth immediately!

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