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Google Changes to Affect Your Marketing

If you are a small business owner, it can be really daunting to tackle your own advertising on top everything else you have to do, but you probably do it anyway. If you are an advertising or marketing professional in today’s industry, you are most likely familiar with Google’s various advertising platforms that offer an abundance of opportunity for your brand to be aligned with the right audiences at the right times. For years, Google has improved its platforms for inbound marketing to make the user experience better and more beneficial to the company investing into paid search advertising. As Google evolves, consistent feedback suggests that advertisers experience confusion when selecting the most appropriate or best Google platform for them. In turn, this has resulted in the need for a change from Google to occur soon, reflecting the general shift to mobile that the industry has observed.

These changes are meant to make it easier for advertisers to connect to customers anywhere, therefore increasing accessibility and simplicity. Some changes to occur are as follows. Google AdWords will now be, Google Ads. This will remain the platform where advertisers invest in search ads, display ads, YouTube videos, app ads in Google Play, location listings in Google Maps, or any other forms of online advertising. DoubleClick will join with Google Analytics 360 Suite to form Google Marketing Platform– advertisers’ analytics go-to platform. Google will also introduce Display & Video 360, which will combine the current DoubleClick Bid Manager, Campaign Manager, and Studio and Audience Center. Additionally, DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick AdExchange will join to form the new Google Ad Manager, as Google’s ultimate monetization tool for publishers.

For smaller businesses in specific, Google will introduce a new type of campaign type, called Smart Campaigns, under the new Google Ads platform to ease the unfamiliarity and newness of getting started with online advertising. This campaign type will allow advertisers to identify the actions they want to prioritize, and then Google Ads will use machine learning to optimize the content to influence these important actions.

Within the last few years, competition for advertising dollars between search engines like Google, and online marketplaces like Amazon, has been fierce. The introduction of new and improved platforms of course, creates more pressure for Google, as they have felt for some time now, with with more and more searches being conducted on online marketplaces. Perhaps simplification of Google’s current tools will encourage more companies to conduct their paid advertising on Google and make life easier for newer and smaller businesses that are making the transition to the online advertising world. The verdict is still out.

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