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Marketing Tip Monday: Captivating graphics are an important part of your brand appearance. At Amaniac Design, we are well-versed in developing creative and dynamic elements to make your website standout. Whether it be freshening up an existing site or landing page with a new look, or helping you maintain your existing site with fresh, custom content, we will create a suite of graphics with a similar look and feel. Almost half of marketers say that original graphics perform the best. Stay away from generic stock photos and tailor your brand to your audience so that your business is first to come to mind when they are considering a purchase. Visual content should be one of the most important parts of your marketing strategy and regularly incorporated within all of your collateral, whether print or digital. Having differentiating elements from your competition will allow people to remember your business, influence brand awareness, and build brand cohesiveness! Contact Amaniac Design to refresh or create graphics for your next initiative!

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