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Gratitude- A Marketer’s Perspective

The marketing field is vast in opportunity. Each and every day, the digital atmosphere grows more, creating new chances to get the word out about your product or service in a matter of seconds to targeted audiences. In honor of Thanksgiving, we want to celebrate accordingly and express what we, as marketers and advertisers are thankful for:

  1. Our Network– In this day and age, our company is irrelevant without connections. Whether it is someone you met at a marketing event that introduced you to someone else, that ended up hiring you to work your current job, or just a new LinkedIn connection that can potentially provide insight on the topic of conversation your business is currently focused on, your network is priceless. Not to mention, in the times we are most stuck, we are grateful for the thousands of fellow marketers who give advice online for FREE so that we can trouble-shoot without feeling hopeless. You guys are the real MVP’s.

  2. The Sales Department: More and more everyday, the sales workforce is realizing how important it is for them to be in-tune with their marketing department. We depend on each other, and it is becoming more prevalent how vital good marketing is for them to be successful.

  3. Customers: The customer is the pulse of any successful company. We are grateful for our audiences- your differences both demographically and psychographically allow us to connect with you on a personal level. This allows us to become more customer-centric and focus on your needs at the right time. We are co-dependent and with today’s advancements in technology, are able to get to you when you need it most.

  4. Technology: Easy-to-use technology has never been more relevant. As a small business, you may not be able to afford a subscription to the latest (most expensive) marketing tools. Nine times out of ten, there is an alternative platform available that is usually free or way less expensive and allows you to do the same thing. The availability of these tools is increasing and this makes our jobs easier.

  5. Mobile Ability: You are most likely reading this article from your phone. If not, you are part of the small percentage that surfs the web primarily on their desktops. The shift to mobile is obvious. Mobile trends allow information to be shared quicker, easier, and more efficiently. We are grateful for our phones and the growing trend towards simplicity.

  6. Experimentation: As advertisers and marketers, we create art and tell stories. The marketing field allows us to do so in an affordable way. We are increasingly able to express our company’s message or make a point at the drop of a hat. Affordability is more tangible and this too, is a huge benefit in allowing our creative freedom to reach new limits, in turn benefiting our company with more sales.

  7. Visible Results: Cash flow and ROI are the ultimate goals. We recognize that the aforementioned points simultaneously aid in a successful campaign. Results are improving more and more every single day because of the ease of these tools, techniques and transparent trends. At the end of the day, they all help our bottom line when implemented together.

  8. Work-Life Balance: Busy is an understatement. Working in the advertising/marketing field, you must be able to wear many different hats and split your mind in 1,000 different directions (sometimes at the same time). At the end of the work day (many times later than your co-workers), you go home to finally un-wind. Whether it’s your family, your spouse, your dog, or just a hot bubble bath, work-life balance keeps you sane (even if you forget to prioritize it sometimes)!

There’s so much to be grateful for this season. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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