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Marketing Tip Monday: A brand style book is a collection of all guidelines that make up your brand regarding history, personality, aesthetics, and other valuable elements. At Amaniac Design, we will put together a package that includes all of the components that make up your brand.  From naming, logo, typography, print collateral, and promotional products, to interactive components like video or animation, websites, photography, or social media marketing, Amaniac Design covers it all. Having a brand style guide communicates a company’s standards to everyone involved, which is beneficial if your team works remotely or you have several companies working in collaboration. Building brand culture among your stakeholders is just as important as your consumer. Only six in every ten marketers feel their brand is well-aligned. Not only can Amaniac create your brand image, but we’ll put together all the elements that make your brand unique into a presentable, clean, and professional book so that all parts are cohesive and your brand demonstrates consistency, clarity, a strong voice, establishes awareness, and ultimately, has the composition to build trust within your audience.

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