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Landing Pages

Marketing Tip Monday: Landing pages are essential to enhancing the effectiveness of social media, e-mail campaigns or search engine marketing campaigns. At Amaniac Design, we incorporate best practices to ensure that your landing pages will make a lasting impression and lead your audience to the right place.

Almost 70% of B2B consumers use landing pages to create leads for future conversions. We take our web design very seriously in terms of layout, compelling headlines, clarity, relevancy, and your USP. We highlight the benefits your business provides, social proof via your presence on platforms, and most importantly, your conversion goal (what you ultimately want people to do when they visit your site). We’ll speak to your specific audience, keep your content focused, collect information about prospective customers, and highlight any special offers you want to feature. We tailor the content of each landing page to easily track conversions, including embedding the appropriate remarketing tags and social media pixels to track the leads/sales from your landing pages, in order to better target your audiences later. We’ll also make sure your landing page is mobile-friendly, so that any traffic coming to your landing pages has the potential to become a conversion.

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