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Logo & Branding Systems

Marketing Tip Monday: When it comes to branding, Amaniac has a creative edge! Your logo is the center of your brand identity and a representational figure of your company. It symbolizes who you are, what you do, and what goods and services you’re selling. We ensure that your logo stands out within your market and any icons or brand elements developed work together to form a cohesive brand message, look and feel. Did you know that color can influence brand recognition by 80%? Color, typography, form, and composition are among the many elements of a logo design that need to come together to create a strong visual brand image. Pairing an idea down to its simplest form is a complex process. At Amaniac Design, we kick things off with a thorough Q&A session and industry research. We involve our clients every step of the way, provide a variety of options, and ensure they are satisfied with the final result. We offer multiple packages including wordmarks, iconography, complete brand packages, and logo re-vamps. Brand packages can include a multitude of elements in addition to logo development, including: naming and tagline development, target market testing, in-depth industry research, primary and secondary color palette development, custom typography and suites, copywriting tone and messaging, and photo and graphical standards. At the end of the process we supply our clients with a complete suite of files, consisting of various file formats and color modes. Contact us today!

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