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Logo Refresher

Marketing Tip Monday: Has your business been around for some time? Or maybe it hasn’t been, but you didn’t have the resources to create the brand image you really wanted upon first opening. If this is your business, then it’s time for a logo refresh. Sometimes, your brand has great elements already incorporated into it and just needs to be spruced up. Our team will do the research to make sure that your new logo is not too similar to an existing brand’s, integrate as much of the brand’s history as you want, and give your brand a unique and fresh feel your clients and customers will be sure to love. If what you want is a brand new logo, we can definitely do that as well, but if an update is all you require, we can assist you in that realm as well. Keep up with your competition and make sure your brand is relevant. Logo refreshers are sometimes more resource-friendly ways to update you look in a way that makes you still recognizable to your audience, but also attracts new customers as well! Contact Amaniac Design for your logo tune-up.

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