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Loyalty Programs

Marketing Tip Monday: Ya’ll let’s get real. People love to save money. For real. Don’t act like you haven’t waited until the end of the week to buy those groceries (even though your fridge has been empty for days) because your local grocery store’s coupon savings are activated on Friday. Whether it’s BOGO deals, promo codes, reward programs, loyalty points, or birthday deals, if people have a way to get discounts, they’re using it! Do your business a favor. Implement a rewards program for loyal customers. Establish reward tiers – it’ll encourage people to shop more. If discounts are not an option, establish a points system for free merch. Say you’re a bakery. Maybe your offer is an extra scoop of ice cream for every $50 spent. People love incentives…. And ice cream. Contact Amaniac Design to get your rewards strategy off the ground and get more people shopping from your brand!

Fun Fact: June is also Candy Month & Dairy Month! Shout-out to Cream Parlor for the tasty ice cream & photo opp!

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