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Push Your Username & Handles!

Marketing Tip Monday: A good marketing strategy is the heart of any successful campaign, but social media is part of the blood that fuels it! At the center of a good marketing plan is an integration of social media platforms that allow you to maximize your potential audience and reach. Over 80% of marketers would agree that social media marketing has increased their website traffic. If you are a more established brand and have not refreshed your brand elements in a while, it may be time to jump on the social media band-wagon! Create an Instagram account to share photos that your followers can appreciate, get on Twitter to share quick updates about your industry, and use Facebook to target different segments of your audience more specifically. If your brand already exists on social media, then get the word out by incorporating your handles and usernames on your business cards, any print ads, flyers, and brochures, and even any digital ads, or presentations you may have. Allow people to create a relationship with your brand on the platforms they spend their time surfing. Amaniac Design can help you create a more cohesive social media marketing strategy!

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