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Repurposing Content

Marketing Tip Monday: Ever feel like your creativity to produce new content is at a standstill? Maybe you’ve covered so many topics, you’re having trouble sparking new ideas. If all else fails, re-purpose, re-purpose, re-purpose! Perhaps you touched on a topic in a blog article about something completely different. It’s totally fair game to take that secondary idea and build a whole new piece of content from it. Not only does this enable you to reach untapped parts of your market segments, but it can save time and help your online presence. One piece of content performing well, can possibly thrive in another area and to another segment of your audience if the focus were to switch a bit. Or perhaps you wrote an article that took a turn for the worst- engagement is lacking, views are suffering, and it was an unexpected flop. Re-purpose it! Put a new spin on a specific part of the article and write a whole new one just on that topic. On the other hand, you can also take smaller sub-topics covered (usually in bullet points or lists), and post about them all separately, so that your audience can “snack” on your information in smaller doses. Diversify your content and maximize your effort. Over 1,400 WordPress posts were published every minute last year. Content marketing is competitive! To save your content dry spell contact Amaniac Design!

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