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Sell the Benefits

Marketing Tip Monday: There are many mistakes that can be made upon first carrying out a sales strategy for a new product. A common rookie mistake is pointing out the features of a product and not the benefits. In such a competitive marketplace, the public does not want to know what your product can do and how it does it, but rather, the benefit and advantage they will gain by purchasing it. How will your product make their lives easier and stand out among competitors? That is the key. Producing marketing content that sells the benefit and not the features is your ultimate sales tactic and almost always, is related to your product or service USP (Unique Selling Point). Features are all talk! Benefits back up the talk! People don’t buy razors because they have five blade heads and industrial interchangeable bits. They buy them because they’re going to remove unwanted hair in the best and easiest way possible. People want products that are going to solve their problems; therefore, your ad copy, accompanying graphics, and overall content should focus on the solution that your product provides to the average consumer! If you’re not sure where to get started on your product marketing, contact Amaniac Design!

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