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Marketing Tip Monday: Personalized stationery is a wonderful way to gain a competitive edge. If print collateral is an integral part of your business, then it is especially vital to stand out. Whether you partake in direct mail advertising or send important updates via letters, sending it out on personalized paper makes it unique. If your business specializes in selling a specific product and you often mail the item to the customer, stationery is a wonderful way to add to your packaging. Incorporating a thank you note, a promotional offer, or your company’s upcoming events on a newsletter or update, shows you went the extra mile to share information you thought the customer would appreciate. It is also a great way to expand your brand collateral and spread awareness. Over 75% of B2B marketers say that branding is critical to growth. At Amaniac Design, we utilize speciality printing techniques and paper to build your business relationships. We can personalize a stationery design by incorporating your brand image and any other elements you desire, or we can add a personal twist to standard designs. Not to mention, we source cost-efficient and unique stationery options, ensuring quality control for print production at all levels. There is a tactical “leave behind” element that allows more people to remember you when you give them something built to last. Take the time to invest in your image– Amaniac Design can help you build branding elements that will leave a lasting impression.

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