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Subjects & Pre-Headers

Marketing Tip Monday: Do you engage in email marketing campaigns? How much thought do you put into your subject line and pre-header? A pre-header is used by your subscribers as a pre-screening tool. This means, if it is too gimmicky or sales-y, chances are your message will find a new home in the trash! Subject lines build your brand in your customer’s inbox, even if the messages don’t get opened, because customers have to filter through their inbox either way. Subliminally, you are creating a psychological association between your brand and your subject line, so make it good! Over 96% of consumers use coupons, so if there is an offer inside, be clear and mention it. Make yourself aware of character counts for subject lines and pre-headers on different platforms so that important information doesn’t get cut off. Tell the truth and most importantly, make sure your subject/pre-header gives the customer an idea of what they are getting if they open your email. If you are struggling with writing appealing and engaging subject lines, pre-headers, or email campaigns in general, contact Amaniac Design!

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