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The Blog on Blogs

Myth: “I don’t need to blog, my company is already established and we have more important initiatives that our resources should go to.”

Myth: “Blogging is just a trend, only the younger generation is using, it’ll soon fade.” Fact: “Over half of marketers consider blogging as there top marketing content priority and this number is on the rise.”

Fact: “Marketers who prioritize blogging are 13 times more likely to achieve a positive ROI on their efforts.”

Get it together, people, it’s 2018! If your business is not blogging, you need to make some changes ASAP. After researching top sources like Forbes and Open Vine, we’ve gathered what we believe are the seven most important benefits your company would gain from having a blog, to get you on your way:

1. Search Visibility: Blogging is not a thing of the past, in fact it is most definitely more prevalent than ever. When your business blogs about topics that are of interest to your audience, it creates more content in the virtual atmosphere, and in turn, more visibility. The more content is created surrounding your business, the more clicks, engagement, and pages from your domain get indexed when your blog pops up on a web browser search!

2. Develops Relationships with Future and Current Customers: When you blog about subjects people care about, they are going to engage with it. Whether they read it, give feedback, comment on it, share it, or start their own discussion about it, your blog is part of the fuel that keeps your current customers interested in your business. When these influencers share your content, you gain more customers, and essentially, your business is promulgated by a simple blog!

3. Allows You To Connect With Your Audience: Showing that your brand is not just trying to generate more ROI is important. Having a personality that relates to your buyers shows that your company cares and is concerned about real issues or events that are significant to your industry. Letting your audience connect with your company’s personal side via blog articles makes them part of the conversation and gives them a perspective that they won’t gain through other marketing techniques.

4. Complements Social Media: Direct mail can be beneficial, and so can email marketing when done properly, but let’s be real. As customers and connected human beings in the 21st century, the majority of us, check our social media as much (if not more) than we check our emails. Blog posts should most definitely be connected to your social media efforts as they get published. Regularly sharing blog articles from your business’ social media accounts, especially when they align with current promos or significant news in your industry, allows you to stay on the inside of your customers’ social circle and connect with them at the best time. Your blog content also sets them up for sharing new and relevant information to their friends, who will share it with their friends, and so on, and so forth. Not to mention, it increases traffic to your website and creates leads just from the information that got shared.

5. Makes You an Industry Leader: Writing articles about topics of interest to your audience gets them them to start a discussion about it. Your blogs become an entire other platform for consumers to gain relevant information. Shedding light on the happenings of your business, establishes your credibility as an expert in your field. Blogging on a schedule in turn, creates trust, which translates to your business staying at top-of-mind.

6. Improves Conversion Rates: Staying on top of industry trends is important if you plan to remain competitive. Businesses change every day, whether they are making improvements or falling behind. Regularly blogging, shows your business is actively involved in the content that they share and in the industry they are directly involved in. High quality content builds brand loyalty and as a result, your conversion rates go up. If your audience shares your article, more people are made aware of it right? Some will shed a positive light on your content and some will shed a negative light, but in the end, your conversions go up and so does your bottom-line!

7. Increases Leads: According to Hubspot, businesses that have 401 to 1000 pages of content will get 6 times more leads than those with 51-100. Maintaining an active blog is a very simple way to keep the content flowing and generate more prospective leads. More content translates to increased awareness about your company, which leads to more sales!

If you’re not sure how to go about starting a blog, you can begin by educating people on what your brand is about, how you started, give them a little background on what you offer. Interview important figures in your company and get their take on relevant topics. Give your audience an inside look at the day-to-day activities your business partakes in. Write about things that matter to your business. WordPress, Medium, and Squarespace are great platforms to get you started, but make sure to integrate them on to your website and into your social media! What are you waiting for? Get started, new year, new you!!!

*Other Articles Used: Forbes, Impact, Open Vine, Forbes

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