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Marketing Tip Monday: Typography can make or break a design. It is what composes the details and presentation of your content. Fonts add value to your text, your content, and the message you are trying to communicate. The sizing, coloring, and style can all heavily influence your audience’s opinion of your brand. It is no surprise that the average website visitor engaging in content, only reads about 50% of it! Humans don’t have the attention span to interpret information before they are distracted by something else. But what if the distraction was within the content? At Amaniac Design, our graphic designers know the best ways to not only get the initial attention of your target market, but maintain their interest. While what you say is important, the way you say it and the style in which you say it, is just as critical. We are firm believers in getting your message across in visually appealing and creative ways, and typography has a huge influence on this.

When developing a brand identity, you need to consider how typography will fit into the overall brand architecture. A typeface can create emotion, enhance a theme, spark interest, add personality, and even convey trust. From serif to sans serif, thick and thin, to decorative or handwritten, the options are endless. At Amaniac Design we have a vast collection of fonts and typefaces in our library and can even create a custom design type, should you be looking for something even more personalized. Understanding that typography to not only communicates your brand’s strengths, but also increases your brand’s memorability, we will go the extra mile to develop a font suite that will embody the essence of your brand.

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