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Work Your Angles

Marketing Tip Monday: Working your advertising angles means two things in this case. The first is that you use multiple channels to reach to the same audience. If a customer sees your ad while scrolling through their Facebook feed and then finds you in a Google search, and then hears your name on the radio, that’s three times more of a chance for them to engage with your brand. To them, it means your brand is a reputable and known business and establishes more credibility from your end. If they don’t necessarily have a need for your product right now, when they do, they will remember your brand name over your competition’s. Did you know the #8 reason people use social media is to research new products to buy? Working your advertising angles also means tailoring your messages to appeal directly to your market segments. If you’re selling a hair product and your target audience is 20-25 year old American women who live in Tampa, you shouldn’t take a one-size-fits-all approach with your ad copy. Run an ad with copy directed at blondes, one for brunettes, and one for red-heads! Tailoring your message creates the impression that your brand fits like a glove! Give us a call if you need help with your advertising initiatives!

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