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Press releases are a wonderful tool for making important announcements to a large group of people and are still very much part of a successful strategy due to the ability to reach a large audience. At Amaniac Design we utilize the best practices when it comes to press release generation, and customize a list of publications to distribute your content to.

With nearly 80 million people getting their news online, it is more important than ever to have a brand presence online.

As a result, we will optimize your press releases for digital use so that SEO is maximized and your brand and press release appear in search engine queries. Our targeted and detailed keyword research will drive your target audience to your press release and we’ll also be sure to cross-link. This will allow us to drive more traffic to your website or landing pages and in turn, more engagement and conversions.


Press releases give your brand instant exposure and thankfully, we have experience in generating focused, newsworthy, and appealing copy so that your distribution strategy is not only tailored, but your content is too. Allow Amaniac to increase your sales potential by stimulating brand awareness.

Over 70% of B2B content marketers depend on their content to generate new sales leads.

We can help you boost the effectiveness of your marketing plan and gain credibility to be a thought leader in your industry!

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