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Social media is an essential part of any viable marketing strategy. If you want to have a brand presence that sticks, the best way to reach your audience is through the platforms they use the most in their free time. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and even Twitter are all appropriate, depending on your target audience. You cannot treat a law firm the same way as you would treat a yoga studio. Each client is unique, so their presence on social media must be tailored appropriately. So much goes into a proper social media campaign. It is not as simple as writing a few posts a week. The impact of social media on your business could be the difference between you and your competitors.

For instance, research shows that about 92% of business owners using social media agree that it has been an important part of their business.

Don’t fall behind. At Amaniac Design, we work closely with you to identify your audience’s needs and what could improve, then give you an analysis of what needs to be done to gain more reach and engagement. We turn “likes” into inquiries, research applicable hashtags to expand your presence and SEO capabilities, create content calendars so that you connect with your audience at the right times, and craft engaging and appealing posts that result in conversions and ROI.

Social Media Marketing
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