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At Amaniac Design, our expertise goes beyond the studio. When it comes to exhibiting your business at a trade show, it’s important to execute the layout of your booth, the design of your elements, and the overall idea in the best way possible. It is often difficult to stand out in a trade show booth, as they are small, and oftentimes, crowded with hundreds of others in an enormous convention center or space. Perhaps you’ve been thinking of your own trade booth display but have no idea how to go about it.

Well, 99% of marketers say there is a unique value from trade shows that they did not get from other marketing mediums, so exploring this opportunity should be at the top of your to-do list and we can help!

Not to worry, we’ll help you brainstorm ways to attract visitors to your booth using techniques that have been effective to our past clients time and time again. If you need promotional products, we can help you find the best vendors that won’t break the bank, offering unique items for those who stop by your booth to remember you. At Amaniac Design, we’ll coordinate your display theme and the elements of your booth accordingly. We’ll design your print collateral from conception to execution, and provide the most cost-efficient, but quality service options from our network of connections in the industry. Overseeing production quality control is a must to ensure your products are everything you expect them to be. Most importantly, we will establish cohesiveness between the display of your booth, your collateral, and your overall brand image.

Trade Show Booths
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