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Amaniac Design and Jobsite Video have been providing video production and photography documentation services to the construction industry since 2008. During that time, we’ve perfected the techniques for capturing the most vital aspects of the construction process, the project property; and important subcontractor information. Our construction documentation services range from the capturing of pre-construction conditions and the compilation of various stages throughout a project to post-construction documentation and O&M training videos.

The most important line item in your budget. 

As building systems and components become more sophisticated and interdependent, it is necessary to require subcontractors to demonstrate and explain the functionality and successful completion of their work in a narrated video walk-through. Videos also allow subcontractors to outline regular and special maintenance procedures and schedules best suited to ensuring longevity and productivity of installed systems. Our experienced staff guides subcontractors through walk-throughs and trainings to ensure that all necessary materials and topics are discussed in the appropriate amount of detail. Using our own existing knowledge of construction and direction from our clients, we work hand-in-hand with general contractors to develop and maintain a schedule of training sessions, and edit a library of comprehensive training videos.

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