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Did you know that video viewers on commerce sites are 1.6 times more likely to buy a product than non-viewers?

It is so important to incorporate video into your marketing strategy and at Amaniac Design, we’ve got your back! Our team of video editors uses top-notch video editing software to ensure your videos are of the utmost quality for the viewer and compatible for the platforms they are being showcased on.


Whether your video requires simple or in-depth editing, we are well-versed in handling videos of varying complexities. If your company needs footage shot from scratch for a brand new project, or you would like to re-work previous footage that you are unsatisfied with or looking to refresh, our unique combination of fonts, video effects, transitions, and more, puts us in a good position to promote your content in a customized and unique manner. Every edit Amaniac makes is with your main message and theme in mind and our use of b-roll adds to the viewer experience. You’ll be sure to love our variety in angles, creativity in transitions, and ultimately, your overall video viewing experience post-editing!

Video Editing
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