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Where you land among your competition is so important. You should always be evaluating what they are doing and where your brand stands in comparison. It is also important to recognize the areas where you perform better and the areas where they perform better, so you could work towards improving. At Amaniac Design, we will identify where exactly you land in your consumers’ minds, and capitalize on your brand proposition, ultimately benefitting your



We will maximize your unique selling proposition so that your marketing strategy is in a good place to drive your audience and in turn, sales. We’ll get to know your brand history, as well as conduct a thorough marketing analysis so that we can pin-point what makes your company special. Having the right brand positioning will allow you to more narrowly target your audience, influences your pricing strategy, and promulgates creative decision making.

60% of content created for consumers has little impact on them.

We’ll help you create content that contributes to your brand positioning and therefore, makes an unforgettable impact on them! Remember, your brand positioning is what sets you up in the mind your consumers at the end of the day.

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