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7 Apps to Pimp Out Your Social Media

In today’s day and age, social media is an integral part of everyone’s lives, melding the way we look at the world within the limitless digital atmosphere. Mobile technology has literally brought this world to the palm of our hands personally and professionally via a variety of social media digital applications. As Americans, we long for instant gratification with over half of the U.S. population checking their phone every few minutes, craving updates on their personal worlds via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Waze, CNN, even Pokemon-Go. Apart from pure entertainment, using these apps is a beneficial tactic for advertising and promotional strategies, but also to improve reach capacity and expand your business’ audience.

If you are a business in the year 2016, you must use social media to enhance your promotional strategies. Here are some apps we found from other experts across the social media atmosphere to be helpful in making the most of social media and pimping out your platforms:

1. Ripl What does it do? Ripl allows users to create animated posts to share on social media pages using custom animations to increase engagement. What’s special about it? Ripl is used for promotion of properties, items/merchandise, events, or anything that can benefit from visual and audio engagement. Just snap a photo or video and add animation/text where appropriate. Get it here: For Apple, Coming soon to Android

2. Agora Pulse What does it do? Much like Hootsuite, this app allows you to manage all of your top social media accounts in one place but with more features. It is an integrated management platform for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and Google+ that uses analytics and CRM features. What’s special about it? Set up Facebook apps, utilize comprehensive analytics, monitor keywords and posts, manage your Twitter account, assign teams for various functions, organize planned content and activity in a calendar, and more! Not to mention, they have a tiered pricing structure, so this app is perfect for small businesses. Get it here.

3. What does it do? Designed to drive user traffic across social media, is a platform based on Twitter that allows users to gain followers and save time on “likes” and on social media in general. What’s special about it? Twitter relationships are managed more efficiently by communicating directly with influencers and customers, scheduling posts, using analytics tools, and maintaining a relationship with your followers. This app shows you who is in your Twitter community and gives you one place to like, thank, re-tweet, and further interact with followers. Remember, optimum engagement is a two-way street. Get it here. 4. edocr What does it do? This app in particular, is for companies to provide samples of their services/work for clients to view in the form of an e-book. Visual stimulation is so important in the social media world. Viewing samples of your work in a condensed and simple way brings current and potential customers closer to you and helps them relate to your company first-hand. What’s special about it? Using a document sharing service, edocr gives potential customers a look at what they would be getting from you if they worked with your company. It provides peace of mind on their end, assuring them of the quality of your work via real-life examples. Get it here.

5. Buffer What does it do? Buffer is an app that allows you to post and share to all your social media pages at once. It is used for scheduling posts throughout the week. What’s special about it? Post to social media when your followers are more likely to be on it. Buffer is a smart app that analyzes user engagement time and suggests a schedule based on this. Easily share relatable links, etc. through one click and make sure your followers see it! Get it here.

6. SpredFast What does it do? SpredFast is a social media platform that allows businesses to connect with the people/accounts they want to interact with most. The app has partnered with major social media networks to foster clients and transform data into knowledge to benefit your business. What’s special about it? SpredFast allows you to build brand loyalty faster on a larger scale. By leveraging social media connections and interactions with unlimited real-time social data, this app manages social media and encourages engagement. Get it here.

7. Word Swag What does it do? This one, in particular, will pimp out your business ads for sure. Word Swag allows you to have graphic design capabilities without having a graphic designer. Create cool ads with special fonts, layouts, and designs and catch some traffic on your blog, site, social media pages, captions, and flyers. What’s special about it? The app gives you the capability of putting together intricate designs that would normally take a long time in more advanced programs like Adobe Photoshop. Be creative and visually engage your audience so they are more likely to identify and remember your brand. Get it here.

Sure, there are millions of other apps, such as photo editing apps and other types of social media that can be used to enhance your business, but these are our picks. If experts from all across cyberspace agree, we’re sure you’ll enjoy them too!

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