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Corporate Photography/Videography

Marketing Tip Monday: Corporate photography is a huge drawing factor for your business. Whether you need headshots, office shots, or product or service images, having a seamless theme makes your company appear professional and trustworthy right off the bat. Apart from photography, video is consistently the #1 way to engage an audience. Corporate videos (testimonials, interview-based videos, etc.) are excellent sources of your work for your audience to see. It engages people in the product or service you offer with real-life examples for them to see first-hand and establishes a relationship with the consumer from the get-go. Not to mention, corporate videos give your company a brand personality unique to the rest of the marketplace. Almost 90% of online marketers use video to promote their content and over 90% of mobile viewers share those videos with others. Amaniac Design can help you maximize your reach and build your brand personality through our corporate photography and videography services.

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