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Getting the Most Out of Facebook

Marketing Tip Monday: Besides being a very interactive social platform, Facebook has a plethora of useful tools in the form of ads, events, and offers that can really benefit your online marketing efforts. Posting alone isn’t enough. Create optimized Facebook ads targeted to the right audience to help you spend your PPC (Pay Per Click) budget wisely and observe a positive ROI. Ads should be visual, relevant, have an enticing value to the visitor, and a clear call to action. The options for Facebook events are also extremely effective if used to their fullest capacity. Over 40% of Facebook users participate and interact with public events—that’s 550 million monthly! Advertise your events and segment to the right groups of people with custom audiences for maximized engagement, along with lookalike audiences. Having a good event cover photo, clear and short event name, location with map accompaniment (if applicable), specific date and time, keywords, and a helpful description can make or break whether or not interested parties attend your event or not. It is crucial to clearly convey what your event is about and eliminate excess time viewers spend trying to figure it all out due to lack of details. Having a co-host is also useful in increasing your event reach. Don’t forget to include a ticket link and boost your events with Business Manager. From there, you can even target a future custom audience based on event responses from a previous event! When it comes to promotions, make the discount substantial (minimum 20% offers are typically most appealing). An engaging image with a reasonable expiration date (ideally 7 days) is usually most effective. Take part in these best practices to get the most out of the simple options Facebook offers; they can go a long way in growing and engaging your Facebook community! There are even more features your business can take advantage of to boost your brand with the guidance and support of Amaniac Design.

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