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Marketing Tip Monday: Even though digital advertising is becoming more and more prominent, it is still very beneficial in certain industries. Print advertising and digital advertising are most effective when used in conjunction with each other. Posters are a common, cost-effective option for businesses to get the word out about certain events or services. At Amaniac Design, we are well-versed in creating dynamic, yet easy to follow posters to promote brand awareness and attract attention to a specific event, product, or service. Whether you need a few or many, our network of printers allow us to provide you with a quick turn-around rate and we are with you every step of the way, overseeing quality control from the moment the concept is final to the moment it is printed. Our designers conduct thorough brand research to lay out an interesting and unique design to attract potential consumers, and work hard to create and test the ideal combination of visual design, images, colors, and copy. Our posters can vary in size and material, but are ideal for re-use and long-term exposure, as they can stay up for weeks or months at a time. Out-of-Home ads have the propensity to influence over a 305% increase in mobile engagements with brands. Our marketing team will optimize your brand exposure by pairing digital advertising with your poster, integrating QR codes if applicable for app downloads, websites, offers, and/or social media handles.

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