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Spring Into Spring with a Logo Refresh

When it comes to branding, change is a huge deal. Your logo is the foundation for the visual marketing representation that is your company. It only takes about 10 seconds to form a first impression of your brand through your logo!

Let’s just imagine that your company was established in 1995. Your logo was really awesome back then, but it’s 2018 and you’re still rocking the same look and feel. When is it time for a change? This is a question a lot of our clients have asked us. Our answer varies. Sometimes, a completely new logo may be beneficial to represent the growth and evolution a company has experienced. Other times, a refresh is all you need. At Amaniac Design, we’re here to serve all of your logo needs. In the case of our client, Victory Concrete they desired a logo refresh to spruce up their brand.

One of our graphic designers John says, “A logo should communicate clearly to an audience. In order to do that, we need to make sure we have a clear understanding of what the client wants.”

As with any process, we make sure communication with the client is ongoing for every step of the process. It’s important to keep them involved and to continue the flow of feedback. In the case of Victory Concrete, there were slight inconsistencies in the old logo that needed polishing. For instance, we cleaned up spacing, removed a black outline that dated the look and feel of the icon, added a contemporary font, and simplified the name. We also added a gradated geometric background that is more commonly seen in present-day digital design. The new design is cleaner and reinforces the company’s values.

In some cases, logos can be outdated due to limited resources available at the conception of a business. That’s understandable! However, these businesses should continue to grow and develop, always keeping the desire to improve their brand elements in their back pocket. Times change. Technology changes. It is up to you to evolve your brand with it, or you audience will move on to the next best thing!

In this particular case, we provided varying levels of change to the client at each step of the logo transformation to ensure we were working in the right direction. To ensure the brand identity was only due for a refresh, we actually executed new icon designs as part of the concept phase. This was a crucial step in deciding to keep the existing brand and update it. If you aren’t sure whether your company needs a fresh logo, ask yourself these questions, gathered from Fabrik Brands:

-Is your company logo design compatible with modern media? -Does your logo represent your business? -Does your competition’s logo look better than yours? -Is your design unnecessarily complicated? -Has your business changed at all since the original conception of your logo?

Do you feel like your logo is outdated or could use a re-vamp? It is recommended to ask your consumers their opinions and continuously get feedback so that you improve. Sometimes, subtle adjustments are all you need! Contact Amaniac Design to get your brand back on track.

Check out the brand evolution of Pepsi-Cola, dating back to 1898. The Arnell Group was responsible for the most recent update. For an in-depth (or comical) look into the process behind the Arnell’s recent revamping of the logo, click here to read “Breathtaking”.

pepsi logo.jpg

Evolution of Pepsi Logo via: Fresh Inc.

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